Damlataş Taç Villas / Ground Floor


ID: #8
Price: 55,000 €
Type: Apartment
Contract: Secondhand
Location: Alanya
Bathrooms: 1
Bedrooms: 1+1
Area: 63m2
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  • The apartments are decoreted by architect with high quality; first class metarials.
  • 1.apartment is 70m’, second apartment is 63m’
  • The apartments are 1+1. They are on same flat. If you want you can buy two. Now two of them isusing together. Or ıf you want you can buy one of them. I will tell them “1.apartment” and “2.apartment”.And I called that names to the photos too.


Open Buffet kitchen in Living room


Bathroom  (1.apartments bathroom has small shower with jacuzzi and 2.apartments bathroom has ıts small Turkish bath)

Balcony with garden (1.apartments has fireplace in Livingroom, 2.apartment balcony has babeque) There is trees and flowers in the garden

  • The metarials that is used inside apartments are natural stuff. The ground is made with Aclass quality marbel which comes from Denizli.

The doors, kitchen and bathroom cupboards are made with natural walnut tree coat.

İn some parths of living room the window glasses are from ceiling to ground. So you feel that as you are sitting outside with trees.

  • The apartments are on the first (garden)floor.  But the building is on small hill.  The apartments are as 3-4th floor when  ıts compared with another builiding apartments.  That make the apartments wide,free look around.
  • There is sun heating system for heating water.When sun is not enough there is electric system for heating the water.
  • The all stuff in the apartment is included the price. It means that the apartment is ready for living.


It is located in Damlataş where is the best and most popular place in Alanya. Its also in a very püre Street.  The apartments location is unique because ıts just few minutes to Kleopatra beach and also few minutes to city centrum. Although they are heart of the Alanya, there is no traffic or another voices around that apartment. Because of that there is many people from abroad have bought apartments from that area, but ıts not easy to find apartment for buy because there is not many free ones.

İn front of Villa Sonata pools way  there is one building after that building there is one more building. These apartments are in that second building.

General amenities

  • Fitness
  • Garden
  • Park
  • Pool
  • Sauna
  • Turkish Hamam


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